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     More people drink the milk of goats than from any other single animal. Over 440 Million goats (world wide) produce an estimated 4.8 million tonnes of milk that is consumed locally, or processed into various types of cheeses.

     One of the primary misconceptions concerning goat milk is that all goat milk has a peculiar “goaty” or nutty flavour and odour. This is totally false.

     As with cows’ milk diet of the animal plays a major role in the palatability of goat’s milk. While cows are usually closely regulated as to what they may eat and when, goats are often allowed to browse and consume a greater variety of materials at any time. What holds true for cows also holds true for goats that is what comes out may be based on what goes in! If goats and cows are similarly managed, the smell and taste of both milks are quite comparable.

 All systems go!
All systems go!

     Goat milk has a more easily digestible fat and protein content than cow milk. The increased digestibility of protein is of importance to infant diets (both human and animal) as well as invalid and convalescent diets. Goat milk can successfully replace cows’ milk in the diet of those that are allergic to this product. In under-developed countries, where meat consumption is low, goat milk is an important daily food source of protein, phosphate and calcium not available otherwise.

     The Saanen dairy goat is the Holstein of the goat world, producing a higher quantity of milk with somewhat lower fat levels than other breeds.

     Goat milk is a SEASONAL product and although Caprino Farm has milk most of the year during the Autumn and Winter months we only have sufficient supply for our regular ongoing customers so if you are short of milk we suggest you contact your regular supplier and producer not Caprino Farm.

     There are many people today who need goat milk for various reasons so we recommend that in the "flush" months of late Spring and Summer they stock up on milk in their freezer to ensure adequate supply through the lean months. Our suggestion is that you buy one and a half to two times normal usage in the "flush " you will then have enough for the Autumn and Winter dip in production.

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